Crested Butte Trails Conditions & Report

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As things begin to thaw out in Crested Butte, trails open up and we all head outdoors for some summer fun. Keep checking back here for updates on which trails are ready to go, and which ones still need more time. Keep in mind, it’s best to stay off muddy trails in general.

Want to be a part of the oldest (and arguably the funnest) Mountain Bike Festival in the world? Check out Crested Butte Bike Week, and get signed up for signature events like the infamous Chainless, Bridges of the Butte or the Fat Tire 40 (among plenty of others).

Hiking — Trail Running

For a more in depth look or other trails check out the Crested Butte Hiking Guide.

Caves TrailCement CreekOpenGood to go
Lupine TrailSlate River ValleyOpenGood to go!
Tony's Trail to ViewpointTownOpenGood to go!
Beaver PondsOhio PassOpenGood to go!
Mt. Crested Butte SummitMt. Crested ButteClosedCBMR Opening Day June 10
Brush CreekTownOpenReady to go!
Lower LoopTownOpenMuddy in spots
Woods WalkTownClosedMuddy/Snow pack
Snodgrass Trail Mt. CBOpenMud, standing water, stay on the trail
Long Lake Washington GulchOpenMay encounter snow on hard route
Deer CreekGothic ValleyOpenTrees Down
Judd FallsGothic ValleyOpenGood to go!
Crested Butte to AspenGothic ValleyClosedSnow/Mud
Recreation PathTownOpenGood to Go!

Mountain Biking

For a more in depth look or other trails check out the Crested Butte Mountain Biking Guide.

TrailArea StatusNotes
Hartman RocksGunnisonOpenReady to ride
Signal Peak (Behind WSCU)GunnisonOpenReady to ride
Lower Cement Creek TrailCement CreekOpenGood to go
Doctors ParkTaylor ValleyOpenOut & Back from Taylor Canyon Rd
Strand HillBrush CreekOpenSome muddy spots
Snodgrass MountainMt. CBOpenMud, standing water, please stay on trail
Lupine TrailSlate River ValleyOpenGood to go!
Woods Walk - Lower LoopTownOpenMuddy spots
Teocalli TrailBrush CreekOpenDeep snow in high trees
401Gothic ValleyClosedMud/downed trees
Dyke TrailKebler PassClosedSnow/Mud
Reno-Flag-Bear-DeadmanCement CreekOpenMud
Recreation PathTownOpenGood to go!
Tony's-Divine-Deli LoopTownOpenGood to go!
Upper LoopBrush CreekOpenGood to go!
Walrod Connector to CavesCement CreekOpenGood to go!

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Featured Event

Crested Butte Bike Week

June 22- 25, 2017
Mountain Biking Clinics
Film Festival featuring MTB films
Races: Chainless World Championships, Fat Tire 40, Jr Wildflower Classic
Bridges of the Butte Townie Tour, 24 hours of bikes

Event Info

Where else do you find the oldest mountain bike festival in the world, but right here in Crested Butte, Colorado. After all, this is birthplace of the sport and another opportunity to showcase our legendary trails and scenery. Not a mountain biker? All good! This family friendly celebration welcomes riders of every level with all types of bikes.