The Crested Butte Mountain Biking Guide

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Mountain biking in the Crested Butte area is easily some of the best in the world. Our two wheeled mecca sits in the heart of the Elk Mountain Range of the Colorado Rockies. A few things that make the riding so good include access to stunning mountain vistas, colorful hillsides, and meandering rivers. Crested Butte is home to a number of valleys that present the unique ability to link many different types of trails, paths, and roads. Between the world-class singletrack, beautiful gravel grinding roads, and smooth dirt, we can promise you won’t ever be bored.

“We have over 750 miles of the sweetest singletrack in the world!!” – Dave Ochs


Starting in May and stretching through October, the Crested Butte mountain biking season takes advantage of what mother natures has to offer. Wildflowers dominate the landscape in the summer (this is the Wildflower Capital of Colorado after all). Golden aspens shed their leaves on trails in late September and October creating yellow carpeted paths. Check out our Trail Conditions Report for trail openings. Click on the photos below to view gallery:

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What is open? As the snow starts to melt off in the spring, or as it begins to cover the trails up in the fall, check in with the Crested Butte Mountain Bike Association (CBMBA.) The oldest mountain bike association in the world updates their website with current trail conditions to keep you in the know. CBMBA has continued to maintain and build new trails every year. If you’re interested in volunteering, visit their website.

This guide was created to help you choose the best Crested Butte mountain bike rides within a number of categories: Type, Location, Difficulty, Distance, Elevation, Time, and Features. Sort the guide by clicking on the category in the table header. It will be continuously updated with additional trails and the latest information. All trail guides are also mobile friendly, so feel free to take some screenshots or print out the directions (there is rarely cell service on the trails):

TrailAreaDifficultyMileageApprox. TimeGain (feet)Features
Woods Walk - Lower LoopTownEasy9.02 hours650M, W
Brush Creek TrailBrush CreekEasy4.31 hour315W
Tony's - Divine - Deli LoopTownEasy6.31.5 hours386A, M
Wagon TrailKebler PassEasy9.02 hours650A, M, W
Lower Cement Creek TrailCement CreekEasy4.31 hour342M, W
Teocalli TrailBrush CreekStrenuous17.43 hours2,611A, M, W
401Gothic ValleyStrenuous13.62.5 hours2,398A, M, W
Dyke TrailKebler PassStrenuous13.73 hours2,334A, M, W
Doctors ParkTaylor ValleyStrenuous19.33 hours2,702A, M, W
Reno-Flag-Bear-DeadmanCement CreekStrenuous193 hours3,326A, M, W
Strand HillBrush CreekModerate9.21.5 hours1039A, M, W
Snodgrass MountainTownModerate9.11.5hours1044A, M, W
Lupine TrailSlate River ValleyModerate10.71.5 hours906A, M, W
Recreation PathTownModerate4.630 minutes428M, W

Mountain Biking Map


Difficulty is subjective, however we incorporate a number of elements into the Crested Butte mountain bike guide to help distinguish how strenuous each trail will be for you. This includes: total mileage, steepness, trail conditions, altitude, and elevation gain.


It’s always recommended to check the weather forecast the night before your trip. Keep in mind, much of the bike season here is also during the monsoon season, when afternoon thunderstorms occur like clockwork. Many trails take you above the tree line and are very exposed. Lightning is the main concern and if dark storm clouds are brewing, it’s best to head down immediately. Temperatures can fluctuate dramatically, especially with rainfall, so be prepared with proper clothing and layers. A rule of thumb is to be at your high point by noon.