9 Things You Must Do On Your First Crested Butte Visit

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Thinking about planning a trip to the Butte this season? These are our most recommended things to do once you get here. Make note of this list for the next time you are lucky enough to find yourself taking in these sights.

1. Breathe

Get outside and take a few deep breaths. Our fresh mountain air doesn’t get much better anywhere in this country. Far from the crowded cities, and far from any industrial center, you can find places outside to enjoy the air without a mask.

2. Visit the Mountain

Take the free bus up to the base area of Mt. Crested Butte to check out additional restaurants, activities, and trails. From there you can take the ski lift up in the summer and hike to the summit or downhill numerous trails on your mountain bike.

3. Festivals/Events

Summer is typically packed with special events celebrating food, drink, music, art, sport, and nature that can only be experienced here in the high Rockies. Check out some of the amazing events below to find the perfect one for you!

4. Stroll down Elk Ave

When was the last time you did this? Not for exercise or to get somewhere, but to just breathe and take in the sights. Crested Butte is an extremely pedestrian-friendly town with historical buildings, mountain views, and plenty of places to stop in and visit. There is also a thriving art scene with numerous galleries featuring local artists and photographers.

5. Hit the Water

The easiest way to cool off this summer is in our fresh water lakes and rivers. If you're looking for something a bit more mellow, stand up paddling on more than half a dozen bodies of water will fit the bill. There's also world-class fishing opportunities up and down the valley. 

6. Dine Out

This was probably already on the itinerary, but it still surprises us how much great food is available in a town this size. Choose from pretty much any cuisine and be delighted. This complete dining guide will help narrow down the choices. If you want a memorable meal, be sure to check out Soupcon for some amazing French/American style dining in a cozy cabin.

7. Hike or Snowshoe

Crested Butte lies close to the heart of the Elk Mountain Range in the Colorado Rockies. Wildflowers dominate the summer, golden aspens in the fall, and serene snowscapes in the winter. There are trails close to town for all ability levels. You owe it to yourself to leave your worries behind and escape into the wilderness.

8. Bike

Bring your own or easily rent, demo, or buy your favorite bike at several shops in the area including electric townies at Wheelies & Waves on Elk Ave. Summer and fall mountain biking is world-class and usually on peoples’ bucket lists. Fat biking in the winter is a novel experience. Even road cyclists have a some great options.

9. Green Up

If you enjoy the beauty of our surrounding landscapes, you can help keep them pristine. Whether it be practicing LNT (Leave No Trace) principles or supporting local organizations who help #KeepCrestedButteful, there are many ways to ensure this place remains a mountain paradise for generations to come. Consider donating your time, money, or participating in these local efforts: