9 Things You Must Do On Your First Crested Butte Visit

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Thinking about planning a trip to the Butte this season? These are our most recommended things to do once you get here. Make note of this list for the next time you are lucky enough to find yourself taking in these sights.

1. Breathe

Get outside and take a few deep breaths. Our fresh mountain air doesn’t get much better anywhere in this country. Far from the crowded cities, and far from any industrial center, you can find places outside to enjoy the air. Having trouble breathing at altitude? Be sure to visit Fusion IV for some oxygen or hydration therapy and make the most of your stay here.

2. The Mountain

Take the free bus up to the base area of Mt. Crested Butte to check out the scenery and shops that are open! Summer brings access to a wide variety of hiking and biking trails for all ability levels.

3. Festivals/Events

Summer comes with plenty of special events celebrating food, drink, music, art, sport, and nature that can only be experienced here in the high Rockies. Check out some of the upcoming events below to find the perfect one for you!

4. Stroll down Elk Ave

When was the last time you did this? Not for exercise or to get somewhere, but to just breathe and take in the sights. Crested Butte is an extremely pedestrian-friendly town with historical buildings, mountain views, and plenty of places to stop in and visit. It's easy to shop locally when nearly all the businesses are not chains and unique to the area.

    5. Hiking or Biking

    Looking to get outside and enjoy some views? You'll never run out of trails to hike here, or new views to find! There's a trail here to suit everybody! Flat, and short to steep and long. Explore even more trails quicker on a bike!

    6. Dine Out

    This was probably already on the itinerary, but it still surprises us how much great food is available in a town this size. Choose from pretty much any cuisine and be delighted. Be sure to make a reservation at Soupcon, if you're looking for a special night out and one of the best dinners in town.  This complete dining guide will help narrow down the choices.

    7. Going For a Drive

    Crested Butte lies close to the heart of the Elk Mountain Range in the Colorado Rockies. If you've done enough hiking, and want to still do some exploring, hit some of the back roads! There are miles of dirt roads here that will bring you to some gorgeous places. Just be sure to do a little research beforehand and know what kind of terrain you'll be heading into!

    8. Float

    Need to cool off and enjoy the sun a bit? Hit the lakes and take a float! There are a number of lakes and rivers here perfect for paddling and spending the day on water. If you're in need of a rental be sure to check out Wheelies and Waves located both in CB on Elk Ave and in Gunnison for all your SUP and float gear.

    9. The Arts

    Choose from your favorite medium: sculpture, photography, paint, film, theater, and many more. Crested Butte has its fair share of artists showcasing creative displays all around the area. There are more than half a dozen galleries to stop into to browse some of these works. Plus the recently renovated Center for the Arts regularly offers workshops, concerts, films, and other ways to enjoy your time here.

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