Crested Butte Mountain Biking: Tony’s-Divine-Deli Loop

This combination of trails create a perfect beginner loop from town. The three trails include a diverse mix of open meadow, lush aspen forests, and a wide recreation path. The views, wildflowers, and close proximity to town make for a beautiful route that the whole family can enjoy.

Heads Up: No dogs on this trail please!

Highlights:Beautiful wildflowers, stunning vistas, aspen forest.
Elevation Gain:386 feet
Max Elevation:8,890 feet
Trailhead Elevation:9,101 feet

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The easiest start location is the 4 way stop in the heart of Crested Butte. From there head east down Elk Avenue until you reach a cattle guard. Here you will be entering private property where dogs are NOT allowed. Please respect the private land and their rules. You will continue on the road for about a mile. You will need to either dismount, duck under a gate, or climb over the fence ladder. Continue on the road until you see a marked trail called Tony’s. The Trail is located on the left side, just before the two homes off the road.


From here you will tackle the major climb of the route. Tony’s Trail (trail 603) will switchback up through beautiful sagebrush, and will present a challenge with a few rock gardens and steep pitches. Once you reach the top you will find yourself at an intersection. Take a right turn on the Upper Loop Trail for a short, but fun section that weaves through aspen trees before descending down to the Divine (Upper Loop Spur)/Bridges Trail junction. Here you will take a right and join the Divine Trail. The trail will cut back and descend to a cul-de-sac, which is Country Club Drive.

From here continue on Country Club Drive (road) until you hit the intersection with Skyland Drive after you pass the Country Club. Take a right on Skyland Drive until you reach your first stop sign. Here you will take another right onto County Road 738. A quarter mile before you intersect with Hwy 135 there will be a Post Office box building on your right. Enter that parking lot and find the Deli Trail on the souther portion of the lot. The Deli Trail is a mellow grade recreation path. The trail will eventually cross the Slate River over a bridge and turn into gravel on the other end. The trail continues past the Riverbend neighborhood. Continue on the path that parallels Hwy 135 until you reach the Crested Butte Community School. Continue on 9th street until you reach Elk Avenue.


This is a perfect loop for beginners, but if you were looking for more of a challenge you could connect the Bridges Trail to Whetstone Vista or even the Upper Upper Loop. Please be aware that those trails are expert trails that contain steep climbs, descents and a lot of rocks. You could always do an out and back on the Bridges Trail, the view of Whetstone Mountain from the trail are stunning.


There are NO dogs allowed on McCormick Ranch Property. You cannot get to Tony's Trail or leave Tony's Trail with a dog. Thats the East end of Elk Ave, across the cattle guard, all the way to Tony's.


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