Crested Butte Camping

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Wake up in the cool, pine scented air tinged with the smoky remnants of your campfire. There’s nothing like unplugging and escaping the noise and chaos of modern life. Choose from options ranging from off-the-grid camping to modern sites with convenient amenities. Keep in mind, some established campgrounds fill up on holiday weekends and busy summer times. Check with the BLM and Forest Service local office (970) 641-0471 Mon – Fri: 9 – 5, to reserve campsites before arriving. Reservations may also be made at

Dispersed Camping

If you run out of luck or don’t want to spend money on an established campground, there are plenty of dispersed camping options close to Crested Butte. Each of the valleys have a number of dispersed camping locations, but please be aware of private property. If you are uncertain, a good rule is to continue up the road and keep an eye out for a site that looks like people have camped there in the past. Dispersed campsites are primitive sites that do not offer any services, and they may or may not have a fire ring. There is a 14 day limit for each dispersed campsite.

Wilderness Areas

Camping close to a lake or stream could allow human waste, urine, or trash to contaminate the water. Camp at least 200 ft. from all lakes or streams. Some highly trafficked areas have restrictions forbidding camping within a 1/4 mile or larger zone near lakes or streams. Check with official sources to ensure you are not violating backcountry rules. For more information of proper recreation guidelines, check out Mountain Manners and brush up on Leave No Trace.

Click the map for more details. Red markers are established while the blue ones are dispersed.

Dispersed camping in the Gothic Corridor is not allowed from June 15 – Aug 15. For a map of closure, click here.

H= HostW = WaterT = TrashR = Restroom/ToiletA = Handicap Accessible

SiteAreaEstablished or DispersedFee per nightFeatures
Gunnison Mountain Park Tent CampTaylor CanyonEstablished
Granite Tent CampTaylor CanyonEstablished - 6 Sites$12.00H, T, R
One Mile CampgroundTaylor CanyonEstablished - 23 Sites$18.00H, W, T, R, A
North Bank CampgroundTaylor CanyonEstablished - 17 Sites
$14.00H, W, T, R
Rosy Lane CampgroundTaylor CanyonEstablished - 22 Sites$18.00H, W, T, R, A
Lodgepole CampgroundTaylor CanyonEstablished - 16 Sites$16.00H, W, M, R
Cold Springs CampgroundTaylor CanyonEstablished - 6 Sites$10.00H, T, R
Lottis Creek CampgroundTaylor CanyonEstablished - 37 Sites$18.00H, W, T, R
Spring Creek CampgroundSpring CreekEstablished - 12 Sites$14.00H, T, R
Mosca CampgroundSpring CreekEstablished - 16 Sites$14.00H, T, R
Cement Creek CampgroundCement CreekEstablished - 13 Sites$14.00H, W, T, R
Gothic CampgroundEast River ValleyEstablished - 4 Sites - Designated sites ONLY$12.00R
Lost Lake CampgroundKebler PassEstablished - 18 Sites$18.00H, W, T, R,
Lake Irwin CampgroundKebler PassEstablished - 32 Sites$16.00H, W, T, R, A
Oh Be Joyful Campground Slate River DrainageEstablishedR
Kebler Pass Road (12)Kebler PassDispersed30 miles on County Road 12
Lake Irwin RoadKebler PassDispersedBefore and after established campground
Slate River Road (734)Slate River DrainageDispersed
Gothic Road (317)East River DrainageDispersedPast the town of Gothic (camping in this area is closed from June 15-August 15)
Washington Gulch RoadWashington Gulch Dispersed5 miles up the road after private property.
Brush Creek RoadBrush CreekDispersed6 miles up road from HWY 135
Cement Creek RoadCement CreekDispersedPast the town of CB South
Hartman RocksGunnisonDispersed - Fire RingsJust southwest of Gunnison
Crested Butte RV ResortRiverlandEstablished - 21 sites$50.00 - $75.00H, W, T, R, A
2 miles south of CB

If you’re looking to park it and stay: Check out Crested Butte RV Resort, 2 miles south of town. It’s far enough away, it’s quiet and close enough to bike to town. They’re the only big rig friendly spot in upper Gunnison Valley.