Top 6 Easy Crested Butte Hiking Trails Close to Town

You’ve finally made it to town, but where should you hike? Fortunately, you don’t have to go far to experience amazing wildflowers, jaw-dropping landscapes, and peaceful nature. Just a few minutes drive, bike, or walk from town will have you in Crested Butte’s beautiful surroundings. These trails can also be enjoyed by all ages, fitness levels, and dogs. Looking for a dream home near town too? Only six of the best lots close to town are available in the Augusta Park neighborhood.

Woods Walk

Easy ● Despite being one of the easiest trails in the area, this trail offers great views of Mt. CB, Peanut Lake, Gothic Mountain, and the Slate River Valley. Enjoy some mixed wildflowers in the summer and aspen foliage in the fall. For detailed trail info: Click Here

Lower Loop

Easy ● This popular trail is perfect for a more extended walk/hike, townie ride, or mountain bike ride. Beautiful views of the Slate River Valley and Paradise Divide can be soaked in from a number of benches that are located throughout the early part of the trail. For detailed trail info: Click Here

Brush Creek

Easy ● Brush Creek is a quick drive from town and typically missed by visitors. Located on the east side of Mt. Crested Butte, this trail takes you through hillsides where wildflowers flourish in the summer. It’s hard to find a better wildflower trail this close to town. For detailed trail info: Click Here

Long Lake (Meridian Lake)

Easy ● Care for a swim? This is your trail. In addition to offering refreshing fresh water lake swimming (perfect for triathletes wanting to get their miles in), Long Lake is home to a variety of wildflower species, which bloom along its perimeter. For detailed trail info: Click Here

Judd Falls

Easy/Moderate ● A short drive past Mt. Crested Butte into the East River Valley, and just past the old mining town of Gothic lies the Judd Falls trailhead. This is a pretty short, but rocky trail peppered with wildflowers in the summer and golden aspens in the falls. Views of Mt. Crested Butte and Gothic Mountain dominate the scenery. For detailed trail info: Click Here


Moderate ● The toughest hike of this list offers the best views of Mt. Crested Butte. Wildflowers smother the surrounding hillsides in early/mid summer. Feel free to turn around at any point, since this is an out and back hike. We recommend the less busy Snodgrass  Mountain trail (vs the Snodgrass Trail) to avoid mountain bike traffic and especially in the fall for aspen foliage. For detailed trail info: Click Here

The Full Crested Butte Hiking Guide: Click Here



Many of these hikes have wildflowers. Please don’t pick, cut, or walk on wildflowers or other plants. Removing wildflowers from the wild can adversely affect pollinators and other animals that depend on that species for food and cover, and can affect the flowers long-term survival in that location.

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