Crested Butte Trails: Snodgrass Mountain

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For easily accessible and excellent views of Mt. Crested Butte, the Elk Mountains to the north, and beautiful sunsets, Snodgrass Mountain is your choice. In addition to its proximity to town, there are some fantastic aspen groves, which turn bright yellow in the fall. Some of the best scenery can be seen along the first mile of the trail, so feel free to shorten this to a quicker 45 or 90 minute hike. 

Sustainable Trail Use

This trail and many others like it are maintained by the Crested Butte Conservation Corps. From picking up trash to trail maintenance to poop removal, they do it all and keep our backcountry pristine. Please help support them with a tax-deductible donation (501c3).

Highlights:Mt. CB views, Wildflowers, Aspen
Approx. Time:3.5 hours RT
Elevation Gain:1,421 feet
Max Elevation:11,142 feet
RT Length:6.09 miles
Trailhead Elevation:9,612 feet
Trailhead:Snodgrass Trailhead
Travel Time to TH:10 minutes

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From the Town of Crested Butte: Take Gothic Road (135) North toward the Mt. Crested Butte. Stay on this road for 4.3 miles as you ascend past the ski resort to its highest point, just before it turns off into Gothic Valley. Park on the left side of the road just past the portable toilet. The trailhead is at the fence line and well marked.  Map


From the trailhead sign [1], walk the steps over the fence (if the gate is closed), that lead you to the left side of the road. Follow the dirt road as it quickly ascends the hillside, providing wide vistas every look back. Wildflowers flourish here in the summertime. Pass a dilapidated cabin on your right side [2] as you get closer to the aspens. The trail eventually splits, just after you walk the steps over the next barb wire fence.  Stay to your right and follow the wide road into the thick aspen groves [3].

Views of Gothic valley and its mountains are seen intermittently on the right side [4]. Stay on the main trail up the mountain and ignore the trail junction marked "Snodgrass Trail 1/2 mile" [6] (this route can be taken down the mountain for an alternate route; if you choose to, take a left when you reach the connecting trail junction). The trail follows the main road all of the way up past the aspens and into more coniferous forest [8] to the summit. Pass a weather station about a quarter mile from the summit.  

The road dead ends at the top without much of a view, but if you follow the faint trail to the right into the brush for another 50 feet, peek out at some of the Elks. Turn around at any point to shorten the trip.

 The Snodgrass trail to Washington Gulch (the early junction to the left) closes seasonally, so be sure to stay off of this when indicated by the trailhead sign.


This is a popular bike trail, so watch out for bikers. If biking yield to horses, hikers, and uphill riders. Don't ride trails when muddy and bike to the trailhead if possible. Be considerate to other users, the land, and local landowners.


Please don’t pick, cut, or walk on wildflowers or other plants. Removing wildflowers from the wild can adversely affect pollinators and other animals that depend on that species for food and cover and affect the flowers long-term survival in that location.

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Enjoying this trail? Help support the people who maintain it. Donate to the Crested Butte Conservation Corps.

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