Outdoor Activities


Crested Butte Trail Running: 2014 Runs & Races

Crested Butte's epic hiking mountain bike and trails also make it idyllic for runners.  The athletic community … [Read More...]


Crested Butte Hikes: Lower Loop, Upper Lower Loop

These creatively named trails are close to town, relatively easy, and offer mountain views as they follow the Slate River through the … [Read More...]

summer activity

Crested Butte Summer & Fall Activity Guide

Take a deep breath.  The crisp, clear mountain air fills your lungs.  The sun warms your skin.  The sweet … [Read More...]


Where to Eat: Crested Butte Breakfast & Brunch

You're gonna need those eggs, hash browns, French toast, and bacon.  Go ahead and pile on that extra pancake … [Read More...]


Crested Butte 2014 Summer Music Guide

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Quick Travel Tips


8 Things You Must Do On Your First Crested Butte Visit

You may be planning a trip to the Butte in the near future (if not, you should be).  You may have … [Read More...]


6 Simple High Altitude Travel Tips

Crested Butte sits at an altitude of 8,885 feet and the Mt. Crested Butte base area is at 9,375 feet.  Take a look around and you'll notice at least a few … [Read More...]


When You Must Connect: 21 Free Wifi Spots in Crested Butte

Although Crested Butte is a great place to escape the daily grind and unplug for a while, there are times when we just need to stay connected.  Keep … [Read More...]


9 Sporting Bars in Crested Butte for Watching that Big Game

Sports fans typically aren't too discriminating about where they watch their team as long as a few prerequisites are met: large, preferably multiple televisions; a infinite supply of beer, and some … [Read More...]