Top 5 Fall Scenes You’ll Kick Yourself for Missing

Fall in Crested Butte happens in a flash. Luckily for us, we have photographic evidence of the immense beauty surrounding our little town. Don’t miss out this year; plan your visit and see it for yourself!

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1. The Castles

The castles, seen easily from Ohio Pass, are that much better when viewed through orange and yellow aspens.

2. Stormy Fall Weather

The cool and moody weather of fall makes the electric yellow and burnt sienna pop against dark clouds.

3. Snowy Aspens

If you’re lucky, you might just catch a bit of seasonal confusion. The best part of fall is how it leads into winter, and occasionally overlaps.

4. Hillsides Awash with Gold

Sometimes the weather and foliage are timed just right to give us views like this. Scenes that make us wonder what planet we’re on.

5. Snow Capped Peaks

Waking up in Crested Butte is nothing short of a blessing, but when you’re greeted with morning scenes like this, you have to wonder if you’re still dreaming.

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