SOMA: Crested Butte’s Premier Dispensary

Crested Butte has so many adventures to offer, but one of the more popular recreational activities stems from one of Colorado’s unique features. With the legalization of recreational marijuana, an additional tourism driver was created, and dispensaries have popped up to meet this demand. One of these establishments is Soma Wellness Lounge, and they’re redefining the Crested Butte cannabis experience.

Soma also offers daily specials, including Markdown Mondays and Wax Wednesday! 

Take a turn down Belleview and you’ll probably notice an iconic yellow Volkswagen Bug with a Soma license plate parked outside. Once you step foot inside Soma (if you’re over 21), you’ll immediately be welcomed with comfortable furniture, and a big screen tv in the lounge area. Be sure to have your government issued ID with you to enter the shop, where friendly and knowledgable budtenders can help guide you through the vast array of choices. If you weren’t able to swing through the Crested Butte shop, they also have a store in Gunnison, located at 500 W. Highway 50!

Strains aka Bud Types

Much like a tea shop, the different varieties of this plant’s buds are on display for you to browse and inspect. Soma budtenders are there to help inform and educate you on the right strain for your needs. Ask to smell a few different strains, and you’ll find each one has a distinct odor and often times an interesting name. Soma supplies Sativa strains, for those wanting an active high and Indica strains, for the mellow, low-activity high. They also distribute the highly popular hybrid strains that have a mix of both types. Pre-rolled joints are always in stock for an easy grab ‘n go purchase. Soma is also one of the few dispensaries that has their own grow operation right here in Crested Butte.


Prefer something to munch on instead of smoking? Soma has you covered, offering top of the line chocolate bars, baked goods, gummy and hash candies, drinks, and more. Budtenders are there to help you chose the right edible and explain the all-important proper dosage.

Other Products

Check out the items in the glass counters and you’ll find everything you need from glass pipes, one-hitters, to bongs, vaporizers, and more. Aside from edibles and buds, Soma also carries tincture, their own concentrate line, muscle relief balm, and lotions.

If you’re looking to explore the newly legalized world of marijuana while you’re in Crested Butte, Soma Wellness Lounge should be on your list.

Featured Partner

SOMA – Crested Butte

423 Belleview Ave, Crested Butte
(970) 349-6640
9am – 8pm, Sun 9pm – 5pm

SOMA – Gunnison

500 W. Highway 50, Gunnison
8am – 7pm, Sun 1pm – 6pm


Crested Butte’s destination for recreational marijuana is open to the public with free wifi, a large selection of edibles, tinctures, top shelf marijuana, hash, and concentrates. All herb is grown 100% organically without the use of any pesticides.
Specials: Markdown Monday • Wax Wednesday