Crested Butte Marijuana Top Choices

Take a turn onto Belleview Avenue and you’ll pass all of the Crested Butte marijuana dispensaries. True to this town’s ethos, you’ll find these shops are run by some of the most knowledgeable, respectable, and polite business owners around, with a purpose to serve you.

Since marijuana’s legalization in Colorado on January 1st, 2014, cities and towns across the state have seen recreational dispensaries pop up faster than Starbucks shops. Crested Butte is no exception. Along with our inspiring mountain views, outdoor activities, and small town appeal, curious tourists have also flocked to experience the wide variety of these newly available recreational products. And with this variety comes the inevitable question of which to choose. We’ve set out to answer exactly that with a sampling of the best (alphabetically ordered). Want more info? Check it out: Crested Butte Recreational Marijuana. For more info on marijuana in Colorado, visit GCSAPP‘s website.

Backcountry Cannabis

Walking inside BCC, you’re greeted with friendly staff and usually Planet Earth playing on the big screen. Parker, the General Manager is our go-to person with specific cannabis questions. Knowledgeable on all products, he enthusiastically reveals the science behind each strain. All strains are 100% organic with no pesticides or herbicides, and grown in Steamboat Springs, Colorado. Backcountry Cannabis has another store in Breckenridge, and their own personal grow supplies both stores.

Backcountry Cannabis Co.

Bud: Lemon Skunk • Strain: Sativa • The Feel: Good functional body high.
What sets it apart: All strains are 100% organic.


Formerly Crested Butte Wellness Center, Backcountry Cannabis Co. offers great prices and a wide variety of product. Located in the same spot with the same friendly and knowledgable budtenders who don’t mind going through their products with you. If you’re in the area, ask about their “fat sack” 1/8th.

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The purpose of the Gunnison County Substance Abuse Prevention Project (GCSAPP) is to provide comprehensive evidence-based prevention education from birth to age 21, increase awareness about underage drinking and illegal drug use and decrease underage access to alcohol and marijuana so youth can become healthy, stable and productively involved in their communities.