8 Summer & Fall Crested Butte Activities for Kids

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Entertaining your kids on their trip here is vital, yet incredibly easy. With a ton of options, especially during the warmer months, they won’t ever get bored. In Crested Butte we value our kids and the opportunities we can provide for them here. Get the kids out and play as if you’re one of them!

1. Lower Loop Trail

The Lower Loop trail located right outside of town provides easy hiking, and is a great choice for the kids. Enjoy the great outdoors with fresh air, beautiful vistas, and follow the path for great views with a few benches to stop and soak them up.

2. Ride the Silver Queen

A lift on the Silver Queen at Crested Butte Mountain Resort is wonderful and safe experience for kids along with adults. Ride up to 11,875 feet in 7 minutes, while taking in dramatic views of Whetstone Mountain across the valley and the summit of Mt. Crested Butte just ahead. There are a few hiking trail options from the top of the lift including a tough, but rewarding hike to the peak for those up for a challenge.

3. Dance at Concerts

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The Crested Butte Music Festival proudly supports the love for music of all genres starting at a young age, offering all their maintstage events for FREE for kids ages 7-17 years old. Alpenglow shows on Monday afternoons are also a good time to jam out with the family to live tunes outside!

4. Crested Butte Library

The Old Rock Library is a great resource for kid friendly books (of course), but also games, events, and a great place for stories. Scheduled events are posted on their Facebook page.

5. Play by the Water

Head down to the water and cast a line or skip some rocks. Every kid should know how to do these timeless activities.

6. CBMR Adventure Park

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Zipline, bungee jump, mini golf, bag jump, and the museum are located at the base of the mountain all summer long! Make it easy for the kids to have a great time by pickup a ticket to the Adventure Park at Crested Butte Mountain Resort.

7. Trailhead Children’s Museum

The Trailhead Children’s Museum strives to offer an engaging and dynamic environment that inspires children and families to explore, create and learn together through discovery and play. It’s the perfect place to play!

The museum also just recently moved down to town at the corner of Gothic Ave. and Teocalli Ave. Be sure to stop by!

8. Go to the Park

It’s the simple things that make Crested Butte a family paradise. Rainbow Park provides a beautiful backdrop and an excellent jungle gym. See where it is on the map.