10 Reasons Coloradans Must Ski Crested Butte

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It’s Not on I-70

No, seriously. Step away from the vehicle. Get outside and take a few deeeeep breaths. Our fresh mountain air doesn’t get much better anywhere in this country. Far from the crowded cities, and far from any industrial center, we could probably bottle and sell the air up here.

Steep and Deep Runs

Crested Butte is home to some of the best advanced inbounds skiing in the country. If your skills are up to par and snow is good, tighten those dins and hit the 3,062 feet (933 meters) vertical drop that’s available. Check out some of our inbounds skiing in a MSP clip from: Days of My Youth

Beginners Are Welcome Too

A lot of visitors are intimidated by what they see when they pull up to ski Crested Butte. Don’t worry you can’t see about 3/4 of the skiable terrain. Of the 121 trails 27% are beginner ad 57% intermediate. There’s a lot of skiing for every skier level.

The Best Views

How good are the views? No highways in sight and the pristine Elk Mountains stretch for miles on the horizon. A butte is a stand alone mountain, which means from the top of Mt. Crested Butte you can take a 360 degree turn around and not be disappointed by what you see.

It’s Affordable

(Photo/Neil Beltchenko)

Skiing CB won’t break the bank either. Rocky Mountain Super Pass holders get 3 free days here and now you can find discounted lift tickets and rooms from $89/night when you book by 11/30. Call (855) 370-6217 or Book Online.

A Run to Yourself

Whether you’re out for some early morning turns, late afternoon groomers, or cruising through some back bowls, you’re bound to have a turn or two with no one else in sight.

Costumes Required

If there was a costume for everyday of the winter you’d see it on this mountain. Oh wait, you will. There’s always some sort of ski event taking place and who doesn’t like an excuse to dress up. Keep up with the calendar so you know when to dress to impress: CB Events!

Locally Owned

(Photo/Petar Dopchev)

The owning family lives here and skis here. That’s pretty rare these days, we’re psyched to not have that uber corporate vibe as seen in most other resorts.

Adaptive Sports Center


The Adaptive Sports Center enhances the quality of life of people with disabilities through exceptional outdoor adventure activities. We’re proud to offer these winter programs for those in need.

Colorado’s Last Great Ski Town

(Photo/Neil Beltchenko)

The people are friendly, relaxed, and love it here. The skiing, dining, and views are world-class. Crested Butte is a town run by locals and there isn’t a stop light in sight. It’s quiet, awesome, and off the beaten path.