Valentine’s Day in CB

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Why would you want long walks on the beach when you can have wide turns on the slopes? There are plenty of reasons to spend Valentine's Day in CB. Here are a few ideas of what you can do for that special someone. 

If you're single and ready to mingle this Valentine's Day, don't fret! You can use this list loosely for Pal-entine's Day or Gal-entine's Day

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The best place to cozy up around town is in private 😉  Keep that flirty stuff to yourself! Additionally, the spots to really refrain from any PDAs would be in the back of the town shuttle and on the chairlift (especially on quads... just think of the people next to you.) Holding hands is fine...

The most romantic dinners include a table for two at django’s, a cross-country ski or snowshoe adventure to the Magic Meadows Yurt Dinner, or Soupçon.

The best spot to go for it, take a knee, and pop the question: The middle of Elk Ave (think of the photo op, but watch out for the traffic!) or at the top of Crested Butte Mountain Resort and then ski down, making powder 8's together. That's true love.

The best gift for her: Spa day at Purple Mountain B&B, a permanent move to CB, wandering down Elk Ave together with your wallet open, ready for anything her heart desires.  

The best gift for him:  Fat bikes at Big Al’s, anything at The Alpineer a.k.a. gear, or guided days with Irwin Guides (and maybe pay for his friends to come along too!) 

The best spot to get out and adventure together: Washington Gulch with plenty of space to get that perfect "holding hands" Instagram shot.

The best spot to enjoy drinks together: Next to the fire at the Wooden Nickel or enjoying the Valentine’s Special at the Dogwood.