Rumors Coffee House & Townie Books: The Perfect Pairing

What makes Crested Butte so great? If you ask Rumors Coffee shop and Townie Books owner Arvin Ram, he’ll tell you it’s the people.  It’s hard to disagree with him too.  After all, the people are one of the many reasons I decided to relocate here as well.  And it’s the people that support all of Crested Butte’s small businesses.

In this day and age, ‘old-fashioned’ mom & pop bookstores have largely been displaced.  First by large corporate chains, and then by technology as digital books became accessible on iPads, Kindles, and phones.  But there’s an anachronistic element that clings to Crested Butte like hoarfrost on a cold morning.  The newspaper still thrives, corporate chains are non-existent, and Townie Books readily supplies customers with their fix of printed fiction and non-fiction stories.  (click below to enlarge)

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The husband and wife team of Arvin and Danica add to the town’s rich flavor by providing a personal and hospitable touch to their enterprise.  Walk into Townie Books and they’re happy to help you find the book you need or discover a new favorite.  Grab a seat on the welcoming couch (even with your dog), and relax while you dive into a new adventure.  There’s also a monthly book club open to locals as well as visitors.  For details and inquiries check out their Facebook page. (click below to enlarge)

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A 20 foot walk next store into Rumors offers a vast selection of tea, coffee, and delicious treats. This is one of Crested Butte’s best places to set up shop and get a little work done (if you must). Free Wifi accompanies a bright and naturally lit environment. Warmer weather invites you outside to sit on one of the benches, breathe deeply, and marvel at the perfection of the moment. If you plan on getting more than one coffee or tea during your stay, be sure to save 20% by grabbing a frequent buyer card for $20 or $40.