Hestra Winter Gloves Review & Field Test

Cold hands = Bad Time. Whether you’re new to winter sports, or have been romping in the backcountry for years, you know that cold, frozen fingers are not only miserable, but can change the course of your day. Here at Travel Crested Butte, we have to be outside for hours on end, during some of the coldest, wettest days. Having the best winter gear is an absolute must for us, which is why we teamed up with Chopwood Mercantile to review some of the best winter gloves in the biz: Hestra Gloves.


  • Water Proof
  • Wind Proof
  • Breathable
  • Synthetic liners to keep sweaty palms dry and warm
  • Goat & cow leather for soft, malleable outer shell, that remains strong with heavy use
  • Traditional 5-finger gloves, mittens, and the 3-finger “lobster claw” style glove (pictured in video)
  • Pull straps and velcro closure on wrist for tight fit
  • Some styles include a zippered pouch on the top of hand for warming pouches
  • Some styles can be worn with removable liners, for the option to add or remove layers


Durability (10/10) — The high quality materials used in the gloves stand the test of time and use, as is obvious with the pair of 8 year old Hestra gloves featured in the video, which are still being used by Travis, owner of Crested Butte based Chopwood Mercantile. If anything, the leather has become even more supple over the years, yet remains strong to the elements and moisture.

Comfort (9/10) — Hestra offers various styles of gloves to suit your needs, from 5-finger gloves to mittens, to the 3-finger “lobster claw,” which combines the dexterity of a 5-finger glove, with the warmth benefits of a mitten. You can feel the quality of the materials when you wear the gloves. They’re not bulky or awkward versus other gloves that offer significant warmth and waterproofing. Hestra gloves remain nimble while offering the water proofing, wind shielding, and warmth you need during your winter recreation.

Details (9/10) — Hestra gloves showcase the designers’ knowledge of what you need (and don’t) in a winter glove. The added velcro closure on the wrist cinch keeps the glove tight on your hand, keeping snow out and your gloves on, even during an unfortunate “yard sale” on the slopes. Some gloves come with a carabiner clasp to allow for easy hang-drying and keeps gloves together when not in use. Don’t forget the small pocket feature on certain styles, for heating packets for those frigid days.


Overheating (6/10) — These gloves can be too hot in certain conditions, which can lead to sweaty palms. This “problem” speaks to how well the gloves are made, they work too well in warmer conditions.

Waterproofing (7/10) — Hestra gloves come with waterproofing sealant to add to the gloves before first use. If you don’t use the sealant, you could end up with soggy gloves. If you invest in a pair of Hestra gloves, you need to take care of them right out of the store. This is true of any investment, and a good pair of gloves is no different.


 Price: $100-$200, depending on style
 Materials: Goat or cow leather, polyester, merino wool, depending on style

Where to Buy

Try them on before you buy, and get recommendations directly from Hestra users at Chopwood Mercantile. It’s important to know what your needs are before investing in an awesome pair of gloves, so it’s best to discuss these details with knowledgeable staff that have tested the product directly. This is exactly what you’ll get at Chopwood Mercantile on Elk Ave. The Travel Crested Butte team uses these gloves daily, on the slopes and off. These gloves prove that some things are still made to last as they

continue to deliver on waterproofing and durability over the years. Hestra, based in Sweden, has been making gloves for 80 years, so its safe to say they know a thing or two about what makes a winter glove the best in the business.