Cycling: Crested Butte to Jacks Cabin Cutoff, Almont Triangle

Riding the Almont Triangle from Crested Butte is a great way to get out for a couple hours and feel satisfied. The dirt climb up Jacks Cabin Cutoff is steep enough to test the legs, but short enough for moderate training rides.

Highlights:Mountain views, Dirt Climb
Difficulty:Moderate, Depending on Winds
RT Mileage:39 miles
Elevation Gain:1,640 feet
Max Elevation:9,067 feet
Average Grade:-1% (out), 1% (back)
Steepest Grade:5% - 7% Dirt Climb for 1 Mile


A generous shoulder on route 135 makes the 55 mph limit tolerable. From town, head southeast over some undulating terrain. The road flattens out and descends very gently (-1% to -3%). Keep an eye out for a drainage grate just after CB South and just before the road bends to the right.

A couple of short hills break up the scenery before you head into Almont. Turn left onto Taylor River Road (CO Road 742) and head up the canyon on buttery smooth blacktop (this section was just repaved). Continue on for 5.8 miles and make a sharp left onto the Jacks Cabin Cutoff climb. The pavement abruptly ends as you climb up some steeper grades on some washboarded dirt. Take the descent slowly and watch out for traffic and cows.

The pavement returns for another 1.5 miles until you get back to route 135. Make a right turn and return to Crested Butte.


Turn this into a more challenging ride by going all the way to Taylor Reservoir and/or finishing with a climb up Mt. Crested Butte. Winds rake route 135 on most afternoons, so an early start is recommended. Keep an eye out for wildlife crossing in the Almont area, especially in the evenings.
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