Cycling: Crested Butte to Gunnison

For those of you looking for an easy ride, one way down to Gunnison with a tail wind is a pleasure cruise. Getting back however, can be tantamount to torture.

Highlights:Mountain views
Difficulty:Moderate, Depending on Winds
RT Mileage:55.1 miles
Elevation Gain:1,745 feet
Max Elevation:9,067 feet
Average Grade:-1% (out), 1% (back)
Steepest Grade:Short 4% - 5% Ramps


If possible, get an extra early start on this ride to avoid a wicked wind that howls straight down the highway from Crested Butte on most afternoons. Keep an eye out for wildlife crossing in the Almont area, especially in the evenings. Google Map.


This is a well traveled road by cyclists and a generous shoulder makes the 55 mph limit tolerable. From town, head southeast on route 135 over some undulating terrain. The road flattens out and descends very gently (-1% to -3%) as you make your way past CB South. Keep an eye out for a drainage grate just after Cement Creek road and just before the road bends to the right.

Route 135 shifts due south as you continue a gradually descent. A few short hills break up the scenery before you head through Almont. There is a minor ascent out of Almont and the roads flatten out even more as you approach Gunnison. The Bean and Mochas are great places to pitstop for an espresso boost.

Head back and hopefully mother nature will bless you with a tailwind. The scenery riding back into town is always a welcome sight, especially in the fall.

Road Map & Profile