Crested Butte Wildflower Etiquette

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With the official title of Wildflower Capital of Colorado, Crested Butte's natural wildflowers are a sight to behold. Individuals can have a large impact on the wildflowers and the environments they live in. Its our job to use this priceless resource correctly. Here are some ways you can enjoy the flowers sustainably. 

Wildflower Etiquette

Thousands of people visit the public lands around Crested Butte each year,  if only a small fraction of them each picked a few flowers, soon there would be none for the rest of us to enjoy.  According to the U.S. Forest Service Wildflowers support entire ecosystems for pollinators, birds, and small animals on a micro scale. Butterflies and other insects, small birds, and animals depend on seeds, nectar, and pollen for their food supply and life support system.  A critical chain of events is triggered for years to come once wildflowers are lost. Here's what you can do to help.

  • Do not pick, cut, or walk on wildflowers or other plants. 
  • Doing so is Illegal on public land
  • If you see someone doing this, please give them a friendly reminder not to do so, and ask them to pass it along the message to others
  • Stay on the trail at all times
  • Keep dogs on leash, under control, and on trail at all times

Photography Etiquette

While it might seem okay to walk through wildflowers to get to the perfect shot, it's imperative to protect and preserve the flowers while snapping your pic. Please stay on the trail and avoid stepping on any greenery.