Crested Butte Scenic Drives

In Less Sweat, Summer & Fall by Kryptonite Creative

Enjoy the stunning vistas from the comfort of your own car. Taking a drive can allow you to catch more colors, views, and scenery if your stay is brief. 4 wheel drive is not required for any of these trips, but cameras are certainly recommended. Keep in mind many of these routes are closed in the winter and if you venture off the beaten path, the road may get increasingly rough.

  Scenic Driving Guide: 5 Best Fall Foliage Drives

Cottonwood PassTaylor ReservoirClosed Until 2018
Kebler PassKebler PassClosed for Winter
Lake Irwin (From the Y)Kebler PassClosed for Winter
Slate River Road (CR 734)Slate RiverClosed for Winter
Gothic Road (CR 317)Gothic ValleyClosed for Winter
Schofield PassGothic ValleyClosed for Winter
Ohio Pass (CR 730)Kebler PassClosed for Winter
Brush Creek Road (CR 738)Brush CreekSnow/Mud to Cold Spring Ranch
Cement Creek Road (CR 740)CB SouthSnow/Mud for a mile, then closed
Pearl Pass (starts at CR 738)Brush CreekClosed for Winter

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