Crested Butte Property: Owning & Renting

Crested Butte has a tangible and unique energy, which you feel on every visit. People who experience this place’s perfection, get a taste of the good life, and don’t want to leave. I’m writing from my own experience of course, but there are plenty of others who have happily made the same choice. Owning or renting a piece of Crested Butte property is the first step to living this extraordinary life.

What sets the Butte apart from nearly every other ski resort is the community. It’s more than just a ski town. Those of us who live here, referred to as Crested Buttians, locals, or those lucky (insert expletive), are friendly and inviting. We have a real love for this town, its residents, and life in general. The more you walk around town, the more ‘right’ you feel. You may notice our perma-grinned and sun-kissed faces; you’ll have one too soon enough.

The town of Crested Butte and the ski resort base area of Mt. Crested Butte, along with its neighboring communities, offer a diverse range of properties for you to call home. These include condos, apartments, Victorian homes, cabin retreats, mountain chalets, ranches, and parcels of land.