Crested Butte Home Decor

Purchasing a few items is your opportunity to take a little piece of paradise with you. Whenever you drink out of that mug, light a candle that smells like pine, or feel a plush rug under your toes, you’ll be reminded of the sweet times here. Home goods and gifts from Crested Butte have a lot to offer with many unique and rare items.

Casa Bella

321 Elk Ave, Crested Butte
(970) 349-6380
   10am – 5:30pm

Offering signature CB items and decor, candles, bath and body, and perfect gifts.

Roam Fine Goods

401 3rd St, Crested Butte
(970) 480-7626
   10am – 8pm

Interior design products including bedding, rugs, lighting, cards, and books.

Studio West

115 Elk Ave, Crested Butte
(970) 349-7550
   10am – 6pm

Interior and architectural designs for both residential and commercial.

Princess Western Design Company

218 Elk Ave, Crested Butte
(970) 349-5188
   10am – 6pm

Western-themed items including eclectic furniture, gifts, and artwork.

Mountain Time Chairs

Highway 135, Crested Butte South
(970) 349-7340
   9am – 5pm, Sun 10am – 4pm

All products hand-made and built with eco-friendly standing or fallen dead timbers.