Crested Butte Ghost Stories: Haunted Hotel Rooms

Ask some of older Crested Butte locals about the town’s ghost stories and they’ll be sure rattle off a few. In particular, The Forest Queen Hotel has been widely known as a hotspot for paranormal activity. My friends and I wanted to get a first hand experience of the stories we had heard, so we called the owner hoping to spend the night. Thankfully, we were given permission and on Monday, October 19th, we made our way over to the hotel, scared, but with the hopes of coming in contact with the supernatural.

The Forest Queen Hotel, located on Elk Avenue, was first opened in 1881 as a brothel. The Hotel is beside Kochevars Saloon, which was the local gambling location, and is also rumored to be haunted. Several years ago, the Discovery Channel did a ghost hunting story on the hotel, and walked away saying that the hotel was a very haunted location.

The legend starts off in 1884, when a gambling man wandered into town and apparently swept a local madam off her feet. She then gave him her life savings to gamble. Though he won big, he split town early the following morning, leaving her with nothing. Distraught, the madam jumped from her 2nd story room (#4), and into the Coal Creek River where she died.

When we arrived at room #4, we were told by a Crested Butte local about some of the encounters other guests had experienced, including a shaking bed and a heavy weighted feeling on their chest. These experiences were confirmed by others who had stayed there. From the moment we walked into room #4, we felt that we were in the company of a supernatural presence. Our experience ranged from chills to a heavy feeling that consistently breezed by. We were left with goosebumps and heightened senses.

Throughout the night we would turn off the lights and try to communicate with the ghost. We used an iPhone to record ourselves asking the ghost questions before replaying them to see if the phone picked up any activity. The crazy thing is, it did! The sounds were strange and difficult to make out, but a voice was frequently heard and answers were given to our questions, yet the words were difficult to make out. We asked the ghost if she could reveal herself, and though a quiet whispered response was given, we were unable to understand exactly what was said.

Earlier that night we stopped by the Coal Creek Grill before they closed, after mistakenly locking our keys in the room. While getting a spare key, we met a local who had lived in Crested Butte for 20+ years and had stayed in the Forest Queen Hotel numerous times. According to him, room #4 is notorious for being spooked, but rooms #2 and #3 are by far the most haunting. He mentioned that one night, while he was staying at the hotel, his bed began to shake very softly and then jerked back and forth. He immediately threw on the lights and turned on his phone to watch a TV show and keep his mind preoccupied. However, that didn’t stop the ghost from continuously rattling the bed, and even his bed sheets started to move as if someone was waving them. He stayed up the rest of the night with the lights on.

Later that night, we made our way downstairs to peer into the Coal Creek Bar and heard the sounds of pots and pans banging against each other. As the night went on, we were surrounded by a rich aroma of cigar smoke near one of the beds in our room, and later heard the sounds of boots strolling down the hallway, another common occurrence guests have experienced.

This was an unforgettable, freaky experience, and one that I won’t soon forget. If you get a chance to stay at the Forest Queen Hotel, and want to experience this paranormal activity first hand, stay in rooms 2, 3, or 4. Have fun and good luck!

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