Crested Butte Farmers Market

Walk around the Crested Butte Farmers Market on any given Sunday and you can truly get a taste of the local flavors. All of the foods seen here have actually been produced locally (within 100 miles of town) by requirement. Choose from various produce, fresh-from-the-oven baked goods, brunch options, and much more. In addition to organic foods, local arts and crafts are also available at many of the tents on the west end of Elk Avenue.

Location: 2nd and Elk Avenue
Dates:Sundays, June 7th - Oct 4th*
Time:10am - 2pm
Foods:Local vegetables, fruits, grass-fed meats, cheeses, jams, breads
Brunch/Lunch: Made-to-order pizza, kebabs, waffles, fresh squeezed lemonade
Arts & Crafts:Custom jewelry, paintings, sculptures, photography, gift items

*except Sunday, August 2nd

The Crested Butte farmers market is a great way to get the freshest produce and often at more affordable prices. Swing by close to the opening time to get the best selection and avoid most crowds. Many of the popular items will sell out mid-way through the day, but if you arrive near closing time your might score a great deal on any items still left. Be sure to bring your own sturdy, reusable bags for easy handling of any bulky items.

The Crested Butte Farmers Market is dedicated to promoting sustainable agriculture, as well as farm-to-consumer sale.