Crested Butte’s BLM Mural

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Black Lives Matter Street Painting

Travel Crested Butte recognizes the large interest amongst visitors in regards to the new street painting on Elk Avenue. The CB/Mt. CB Chamber of Commerce has composed the following Q & A to help address your questions:

Q: Why did the town paint the street?

A: This statement of anti-racism is meant to symbolize the town’s commitment to diversity and inclusion.

Q: Why the specific statement “Black Lives Matter”?

A: The statement was intended to have a literal translation. The statement represents the acknowledgment of systemic racism in our community and the desire to be better and do better for the people of color who visit and live here.

Q: Why make such a bold statement?

A: Diversity and inclusion are a priority for our community and this is an extension of our intention to make everyone feel welcome. It derived in response to our black community members and their respective supporters who expressed the issues of racism locally.

Q: Isn’t Black Lives Matter tied to Marxism and anti-police?

A: We understand there are many pre-existing notions surrounding the Black Lives Matter organization and this statement is not intended to represent those beliefs or align specifically with any other organization.

Contact Information

Are you a local resident interested in voicing your concerns on the Town’s recent decision? Town council represents our local community members. Your concerns and feedback are best directed to them personally.

Town of CB Proclamation