Crested Butte Fat Biking: Cement Creek

In Fat Biking Guide by Eric Phillips

Cement Creek is a motorized, groomed road that sees users of all kinds. This beautiful road offers a fun out and back with great views. Ride as far as you want before turning around and heading back. 

Approx. TimeVaries
Elevation Gain:450 ft
Groomed :Yes
RT Length7.5-9 miles
Snow Machine Traffic:Some
Travel Time to TH:10 minutes

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Cement Creek Road is located just past Crested Butte South. From town you will need to drive south on 135 to Crested Butte South(CB South). There are few places to park in the winter. Bikers can park in CB South at Camp 4 Coffee and ride out Cement Creek Road to the trailhead. You can also park a few cars at the ‘Caves Trailhead’, just 1.5 miles up the road, or at the Winter Trailhead itself, 3.8 miles up Cement Creek Road (FS#740) from the 135 turnoff.


This easy trail follows Cement Creek road as it heads up the valley. From wherever you park head to Cement Creek road and head east up the valley and into the mountains. The road is groomed courtesy of Al from Camp4Coffee. He grooms the road with his own vehicles on his own time. If you see him out there grooming say thank you, give him a high 5, and get some Camp4 Coffee. The road is groomed all the way to the switchbacks. Ride as far as you desire before turning around and heading back down the road to the trailhead. Beware of other users, and of course pick up after your furry friend.

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Enjoying this trail? Help support the people who maintain it. Donate to the Crested Butte Mountain Bike Association.