Montanya Distillers: High Mountain Craft Rum & Cocktails

(Photo/Petar Dopchev)

Things that come to mind when thinking of Crested Butte: World class skiing, epic mountain biking, amazing scenery, and now rum. Yes rum! Winners of the prestigious 2013 Craft Distillery of the Year award, Montanya Distillers creates their delicious rum right here in Crested Butte, Colorado.

Inviting Atmosphere

Walking into the 212 Elk Avenue location from the cool air, you’ll feel a warm welcome right away. The tasting room moved here from up the block in 2013, and this newer building seems like a perfect fit. The aroma of fresh rum concoctions greets you upon entrance, offering a prelude to what your taste buds will soon experience. A lime green accent wall hints at the tropical origins of some of these cocktails. The stills responsible for the process of creating the rum are just upstairs along with additional seating options. When the weather accommodates, feel free to grab a seat on the outdoor patio in either the front or back. Click photos to enlarge:

Award Winning Rum

Ask founder Karen Hoskin the secret of making a nationally acclaimed rum and she’ll tell you the high mountain location of Crested Butte is one of the key ingredients. Montanya’s rum is distilled with only four natural ingredients: sugar cane, mountain spring water, yeast and a touch of caramelized Rocky Mountain honey. The aging process takes place in American Oak barrels, and is where our mountain climate’s warm days and cool nights help to extract more flavor from the wood. You can choose from two different rums:

  • Platino – A light rum, aged and then filtered to remove the color making it clear.
  • Oro – A dark rum, aged in fresh Stranahan’s Colorado whiskey barrels giving it a bit more char and oak flavor.

Fresh Cocktails

Upon walking into the tasting room, you may notice an array of fruits and herbs on the bar. All of the cocktails are made to order using these fresh ingredients. The hardest part of your visit will be deciding which drink to enjoy first. In additional to your drinks, there are also some tasty small plates like hand cut fries and jalapeno poppers to calm your appetite. We’ve selected some of our favorite cocktails to give you a taste of what you can savor on your next trip:

Montanya Distillers Signature CocktailsIngredients
Fiery Passion MojitoPlatino infused w/pineapple & habanero, passionfruit, mint, lime juice, simple syrup
Montanya SidecarOro, fresh squeezed orange & lime juices, simple syrup
Teocalli Caldera Martini Platino infused w/cucumber, mint, lime juice, honey lavender syrup, fresh sliced jalapeno
Hot MontoddyOro, toddy mix (vanilla ice cream, butter, brown sugar), whipped cream, nutmeg
Dr. Bob's Snake OilPlatino, lemons, vanilla bean, oranges, cloves, sugar
Bright and SunnyPlatino (or Oro), ginger beer, fresh squeezed orange, seltzer, sugar rim glass
Maharaja MartiniOro, ginger beer, maharaja syrup, lime juice, cinnamon sugar rim, lime & cardamom pod

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